my dude bros


this picture was taken as we played our set at the EP release show on the 23rd at High Watt in Nashville. its hard to put into words how much respect i have for each of these guys that joined me on stage. they are all such genuine dudes that are insanely rad at music. its been great bouncing new ideas off of each other, including some new songs that are coming along. these dude bros put in a ton of time rehearsing when they could have chose to do countless other things with their time. thanks dudes, for real. <3

we are so grateful to those who came to the EP release show we had a couple weeks back! it was a super fun night for all of us, we hope you had as much fun as we did! were in the process of booking more shows, stay tuned. once we have a show booked I will create a shows page on the site, if you’d like to be notified just subscribe and I’ll be happy to notify you when we have any updates or shows! hope you’re doing well if you are indeed still reading this post. you’re priceless, your fears & your dreams. you’ve got great things ahead friend.

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