hello there beaut


hello! i hope you’re doing well. we really enjoyed Lightning 100 having us at Marathon Music Works earlier this month, not to mention all the radio play. i know this is cheesy but i always wanted to hear my song on radio waves, something about it that was super cool to me. digital is one thing obviously but for a signal to be radiating via radio waves, and out of speakers, mostly in cars i realize ha, all over, speakers that didn’t even see ya coming. thanks so much to all you ride or dies for making it out to our shows! and if you didn’t no worries we have shows coming up. if you dig our music and have a way to help us book a show or tour please reach out!

we recorded a new single in studio a few weeks back, that was super fun. that’l be coming soon. but even more sooner we’re releasing a music video for Beach Dream. excited for what the rest of 2017 has in store. i hope you feel the same way about you’re world today!

in the mean time hang in there. come say hey at a show sometime soon.

cheers <3


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