a new one came to life last night (first post ever)


music is this insane thing that allows me to write down my thoughts and ideas and turn it into sounds. i try to write as much as possible, due to christmas last week i had a small break which was nice. sometimes one does need to clear their head for a few days and allow the cob webs to clear.

last night was a great evening of fine tuning some melody ideas. i would say this song is overall pretty bright sounding, though the lyrics contrast that vibe. the general idea of this song is that so many people don’t even know who they are and they are going around chasing someone or something. scraping by in life, caught in a loop.

let’s not be those people, part of ‘the machine.’ let’s chase what we care about / what we love. this post is also a reminder¬†for myself.¬†i want to remind myself daily of the goals and dreams i have. you should do the same.

be creative.

be you.

you’re great.

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