a friend i hold very dear tried to kill themself last year. it seems we’ve all been affected by this in some way. people are hurting. a ton of people. times can be challenging. individuals are feeling isolated. sometimes these people even appear the happiest from the outside. people with insane ‘success’ take their life every day. it’s such a sad thing. there is no panacea. one thing we MUST do is talk with others about this. you’re not alone. i am not comparing myself to anyone as all human experiences are so different but i myself have struggled with depression. life can get very hard. things can appear hopeless. perspectives can turn into graveyards. i do what i do in this band to remind myself that life is worth living. to feel something when i get numb. i do it because i myself need to be reminded. i do this to somehow shine this flawed light anywhere i can. if this album we are creating helps one person that’s struggling in the darkness i will define it as successful. welcome to:

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